What is the Motorist Assurance Program

Established in 1992, the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) is a national, non-profit organization that helps consumers and automotive maintenance and repair facilities communicate better to prevent problems and customer dissatisfaction. The premise of the program is about building honest, ethical practices and consistent performance in the automotive industry. Supporting these guidelines is our way of showing you that we’re serious about our integrity, honesty and good business practice.

The Motorist Assurance Program addresses consumer needs including:

  • The need for improved communication between customers and auto repair facilities so customers understand what they agreed to and know what they’re getting.
  • The need for uniformity in repair recommendations because there had previously been no standards for vehicle inspection.
  • The need for more training and education of technicians in the industry so the customer can expect expert service.

Our MAP participation means:

  • Control- As the customer, you have control over what work is done on your car. We show you what is “required” versus “suggested” and provide the insights you need to make the best decision for your car.
  • Honesty- We are up front about the repairs your car needs, and we communicate as fully and honestly as possible. Nothing is hidden and we abide by MAP’s Standards of Service and Pledge of Assurance to Customers.
  • Thoroughness- We use MAP’s Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards so you can see what our automotive experts have determined to be most appropriate course of action for your safety and for your vehicle’s reliability.
  • Quality and Customer Satisfaction- We will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in our services. We offer written warranties on our services.

MAP’s recommendations are based on three definitions:

  • System Failure: Parts/system indicated are out of manufacturers’ specifications, have failed or are unable to perform their normal function as intended or designed by the manufacturer. Service or replacement is required for your safety.
  • Preventative/Scheduled Maintenance: Parts/system are scheduled for service/replacement per industry standards or are near the end of their useful life and repair/replacement is recommended in advance of parts or system failure. Service or replacement is suggested.
  • Improved System Performance: Parts/system indicated are recommended for repair/replacement to enhance/improve the vehicle’s ability perform as intended or designed by the manufacturer, or as requested by the customer. Service or replacement is suggested.

Trust Our Team to Get you There

Our Professional Technicians use MAP’s standards to determine what’s best to keep your car safe and reliable and you confident and empowered on the road. Look for our written recommendations when you are making decisions about repairing your car. Our written recommendations include, in compliance with state and local regulations, parts (dollar amount), labor (dollar amount), and the total estimate. Remember, YOU are in charge! No work will be performed without your approval.

All of our employees are trained in accordance with the Motorist Assurance Program’s Standards of Service and are qualified to perform an inspection based on MAP Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards. We also include a written extended limited warranty at no extra cost.

MAP has relationships with many consumer groups and regulatory agencies, including the American Association of Retired Persons, American Automobile Association, Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council, Car Care Council, Consumer Information Agency, Council of Better Business Bureaus, members of the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators, and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. For more information about MAP, visit

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